Terms & Conditions

The following terms of use apply to users of www.shopdaraco.com. The aforementioned Website is operated by DARA & Co.*. The terms “We,” “Us,” and “The Company” refer to DARA & Co.. The term “Site” refers to www.shopdarco.com The terms “User,” “You,” and “customer” refers to users of the Site.


Use of some of the features on the Site can only be accessed when users register to the Website. When You register and agree to the Terms of Use, You agree that the information You provided for yourself is true, accurate, current and complete in every way. If You require a change in your registration information, please contact DARA & Co. immediately. Registration is not open to users under the age of 18. Please keep your username and password secure. You are held responsible for the actions and transactions undertaken under your username and the associated password.

Privacy Policy and Information Use

During your time as a User with the Site, You agree We are permitted to collect the following data concerning the use of our site:
1. Details of the visit to DARA & Co. including location, individual page traffic and other related data.
2. Information You provide for Us upon registering and when making a purchase.

Sometimes, DARA & Co. gathers information about the use of our Website to help Us better analyse the type of people who visit our Website and why as well as provide relevant information to our advertising partners. The type of information gathered, known as cookies, does not identify You or compromise your personal information in any way.
Cookies are downloaded to your computer automatically every time You use the Site.
These cookies are for our use and help Us improve the service to You and the future quality of our Website.
You have the option to decline cookies using any internet browser. While the option is completely at your discretion, You may not be able to access portions of our Website without allowing cookies.
Our advertising partners also use cookies, which is beyond our control. These cookies can only be used if You click the advertisement links on our Site.

The information provided via cookies along with the information You provide can be used for the following:
1. To appropriately respond to your requests for service or support.
2. To provide requested information about our business or products.
3. To help Us better serve You in other ways.

If You have used the Site’s service before or are a pervious purchaser of our products, We are permitted to use the information You’ve provided to recommend other products based on your previous purchases and your visits to various pages throughout our online store.

Data Storage

Your personal data is safely stored on our secure servers. Any details regarding your purchases and transactions with DARA & Co. are encrypted to ensure they are as safe as possible. The information being transmitted online cannot be guaranteed as safe or secure and is entirely at the risk of the User. Keeping your password and username secure and protected is strongly advised to ensure maximum security.

Purchase Eligibility

To make purchases from DARA & Co., You are required to submit personal details, which You agree are valid and true and assigned to your responsibility.
Those who are allowed to make purchases from the Site are those issued a valid credit or debit card from a bank or those with a valid PayPal account.


All orders from the Site are subject to availability and the acceptance of a customer’s payment. Items listed as in your shopping cart but not yet purchased are not deemed reserved and can be purchased by other consumers from the Site.


Payment can be made with any local money transfer merchandise, including WING Money, True Money and E-Money. All prices listed are in US DOLLAR.
The listed prices do not include other applicable fees.

Return Policy

DARA & Co. is able to refund merchandise purchases within 7 days of delivery. In order to be a valid return, the product must be sent back to DARA & Co. in its original package.
There must be no signs of use, abuse or misuse of any kind. The ordered product must be returned to Us by Express company or in person.
Once the product has been deemed an eligible return, DARA & Co. will refund the customer the funding spent on the returned products minus shipping and packaging.
We advise You to make every reasonable effort to ensure the delivery of the returned goods. If the refund request is approved, the funds will be distributed to the User within 7 days of the refund request.
During the return or exchange of a faulty or non-faulty product, the shipping charges incurred from delivery of the item from the customer to DARA & C0. is covered by the customer and with regards to exchanges, we cover the shipment of the item back to the customer.

Product Delivery

DARA & Co. fulfills the orders via KH Express. The KH Express will attempt to deliver the item to the address provided. Please make sure someone is available at the delivery address on the day of delivery. Any uncollected item will be returned to DARA & Co. and the buyer will be charged for the two way shipping charges in case of a refund. Further, the products are insured by the KH Express. However, the buyer should examine the content of the parcel when receiving the items from the delivery staff. If there are any missing items please do not collect the item and return it to the delivery driver so that we can proceed with the insurance.


While the team at DARA & Co. is committed to making sure everything written on our Website is complete, accurate and of high quality, We are unable to ensure the accuracy and completion of the information listed therein. We reserve the right to change the information on the Site at any time, and We do not commit ourselves to updating the information that may be outdated.

Intellectual Property Rights

By using the Site and registering as a User, You are not granted any rights in terms of copyright, product designs, any trademarks or any other forms of intellectual property and material rights related to the products, content of the Site and any other related rights concerning DARA & Co. or any of its products.

Using any of the content listed in the site requires express written consent from the Company and/or its authorized representatives. Any reproduction not expressly permitted is prohibited and may result in civil or criminal penalties.

The exception to said penalties and prosecution is the creation of one (1) copy of the

Website content for personal use only.

Non-personal Use

This Site is for personal shopping use only. Copying, modifying, distributing, transmitting or reproducing or sell any of the content within the site or re-sell our products portrayed and produced by the Site. Use of this Site for advertising or sales for your own Site is strictly prohibited.

Activity as a User

DARA & Co. reserves the right to monitor User activity within the site. If We believe You have been engaged in prohibited activities such as those listed above and including disrespect to other users or other violations of the Terms of Use, You may be denied access to the Site temporarily or permanently.

Third-Party Links

DARA & Co. reserves the right to embed and present links to Website outside of the Company’s control, including but not limited to those parties who choose to advertise on our site. DARA & Co. has no ability to review each link. As such, We cannot endorse and are not held responsible for the content or privacy settings of said third-party sites. We are not responsible for any damages or loss allegedly caused as a result of visiting third-party websites linked through our advertisers and other third-party resources.


If there are damages, injuries or deaths due to the negligence of our employees and agents, the Company accepts said liabilities. We are not excluded from misrepresentation by our employees or the content of the Site. No policies listed in the Terms of Use above are intended to infringe on your personal rights.

If We are in breach of the Terms of Use, We will only be liable for losses deemed direct losses and a reasonably foreseeable consequence of such an act of negligence or a breech. We are not held responsible for losses beyond the Company’s control.

User/Site Relationship

As a User of the Site, You agree that You are in no other way affiliated with the Site or DARA & Co. or entitled to the benefits of joint ventures, partnership, employment or agency with DARA & Co. or its employees. By agreed to the Terms of Use, You agree not to present yourself as an ambassador or representative of DARA & Co. and We are not held liable for any misrepresentative act on your part.

No Waiver

If You are found to be in violation of the Terms of Use and no action is taken, the Company and Site has the right to act upon any other breach of the Terms of Use.


At the discretion of our team, We are allowed to restrict access to our site and refuse correspondence in the event that there is a regulatory or statutory change that changes our ability to provide our Website and the services therein to You, there is an event beyond our control that prevents access to our site or products in our online store or You are somehow deemed to have abused the site or breached the terms of use listed on the site.